Monday, 11 June 2012

Naomi Campbell Faces New Round of Legal Woes - StyleList

Naomi Campbell is set to go back to Remy hair court. Photo: AP Photo/Joel RyanPerhaps a courtroom should be named in honor of Naomi Campbell, because the supermodel will be back in the throws of the legal system this Thursday to face allegations of breach of contract and perjury.Moodform Mission, the beauty firm operated by Campbell's former agent Carole White, is suing the 40-year-old for allegedly reneging on a perfume deal. Not one to back down from a fight, Campbell countersued the company with claims that White had twisted her involvement with the fragrance.However, according to WWD, the plot thickens. Moodform Mission now seeks to dismiss the British beauty's countersuit.Apparently White offered a recording of the 2006 meeting discussing the deal that disputes everything Campbell and her Hair weaving lawyer previously said in the courtroom, setting the two up for one serious charge of perjury. In addition, Moodform is seeking $8 million in damages."This is a ludicrous and false allegation of an extremely serious nature which should never have been made, isn't even demonstrated in the evidence filed at court, and can only have been made under the cover of legal proceedings," said Weaving hair Campbell and her lawyer in a statement. "It is denied in the strongest of terms."'No newcomer to controversy, Campbell's name was brought up to testify in a blood-diamond trial last June.Meanwhile, see what designer Anna Sui had to say about working with Naomi and other supermodels in the '90s.Watch the video below for the top five badly behaved celebrities.